Kim Jong Il Died From Being Pissed Off

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who claims to have invented the hamburger (he called it the “double bread with meat”)  died from a heart attack sparked by a “fit of rage” over shoddy construction at a hydroelectric power plant, a South Korea newspaper reports.



According to the report, Kim Jong Il went to the site of the powerplant and was yelling at his lackeys about how terribly it was built and then suddenly keeled over and died. This is sort of like when you’re lecturing your kid or arguing with someone and you get something caught in your throat or trip over something, completely ruining the point you were making and your fallibility undermining your authority– like that times 1,000.

I’m sure after he keeled over the engineers were sorta snickering like, “ha, yeah guess we don’t need to fix the powerplant anymore”.

North Korea announced on Dec. 19, 2011 he died of a heart attack caused by “stress and overwork”.

Sleep well, hamburger man.

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