Katt Williams Arrested Again By Overzealous, Possibly Racist California Bureau In LA



Ok so here’s a successful black guy who clearly has a job, income and a purpose in life. Why do the liberal California police and government bureaus need to bother him so much when theres TONS of poor kids out there who are being mistreated as we speak. But they don’t have famous, black, Dads. Now i’m not one of those people who is always saying “that’s racist”, hardly ever actually, I think racism is way overblown— but in Katt Williams’ case it does seem so.

Since when does a child’s safety require a gestapo search of a man’s entire house?

Fuck you California liberal Government. 

Here’s the AP story below: 

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Katt Williams, the comedian who has repeatedly found himself on the wrong side of the law, is out on bail after being arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of child endangerment and possession of a stolen gun.

Police Officer Norma Eisenman says Williams was taken into custody Friday after the LA County Department of Children and Family Services did a welfare check at his home. Authorities found more than one firearm, one of which had been reported stolen.

Eisenman says the DCFS did not specify how many children lived at the home or whether they were removed.

The 41-year-old was arrested this month on a felony warrant related to a police chase. In November, he was accused of hitting a man on the head with a bottle during a fight.

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